What We Believe

What We Believe

We love Jesus

We believe that Jesus is a real man, alive today, who can be known in a very real way. He is what brings us together and gives ultimate meaning to our lives. We believe that he is the Son of God and has provided the only way for us to be reconciled with God.

His perfect life was selfless, where ours is selfish; his death was undeserved, where ours is deserved; his resurrection is forever, and he offers it to us – as a total gift. God did not turn away from a world bent on destruction but turned to face it in love, sending his son. His death is for our salvation; he died the death that his rebellious creation deserved.

We love the Bible

We love and treasure the Bible and see it as the word of God. We believe the Bible is all we need to know God and live for him. We love to preach and teach the Bible – preaching is a valued and central part of our services.

We are Reformed, Confessional and Evangelical.

  • Reformed means that our understanding of God, his world, and our lives is ruled by the Bible.
  • Confessional means that we hold to a rich heritage of Christian thought that summarises the Bible’s key teachings.
  • Evangelical means that we hold the good news of Jesus to be central in all that we do and that we love to share this good news.

We love people

God lovingly created people ‘in his own image’ and continues to care for his world. People have worth and dignity; relationships are valuable: we love to invest in people. Jesus showed his love in stepping down from heaven to pursue a relationship with his sinful creation.

We are on a mission

As a new church plant in Geelong, we’re so excited about the possibilities of God using his people to transform lives and, over the years, even transform Geelong. We’re passionate about seeing the good news of peace with God go out to Armstrong Creek. We believe we have a treasure that’s worth sharing.

We love community

Community is central to the way we live. We love the community that God has placed us in and we strive to contribute to it; practically loving and caring for it. Not only that, but we are committed to being a community that loves and cares for those within it – valuing and nurturing God’s valuable people.

We love to serve

Central to the lives of God’s people is service. We are a church that serves each other as well as the community we live in. We’re so thankful for everything that Jesus has done for us that we want to follow his example. It’s not because we’re special people, but because we follow a special man.