Who We Are

About our church

We’re a young, enthusiastic, welcoming church of about 40 adults and 20 kids. We’ve been worshipping and living life together in Grovedale over the last three years, and we’re excited about our recent move to Armstrong Creek.

Our name, The HUB, reflects our desire to be central in the community, a place where people can come and find community, hope, and peace with God.

Here's what some of our members have to say:


Background and roots:

About 3 years ago, 13 of us had a growing desire to see a new church begin – a church where Jesus was shared with everyone around it. We were sent by our mother church, South Barwon Christian Reformed Church. We wanted to go to a place where there were few churches and a great need for Jesus. Although we have loved our time in Grovedale, we’ve always had our hearts set on Armstrong Creek.

We’re part of a bigger group of churches called the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, of which there are two more in Geelong and about 65 across Australia – all looking and feeling different to each other, but all with a common set of beliefs and goals.

Check out our journey so far in this video:


To be Reformed means we follow an understanding of the Bible that was re-discovered in the early 16th century – when a group of church leaders called out the corrupt and abusive institutional church for what it was, The Reformation brought people back to a biblical understanding of salvation, that people are saved only by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ alone.