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We have just moved to the Armstrong Creek East Community Hub! You can visit us there at 10am every Sunday morning.

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46-70 Central Boulevard, Armstrong Creek, Vic., 3217.

We don't have a weekday or postal address.

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Sundays at the Hub

On Sundays we get together to celebrate Jesus and the community he has given us. We hold Sunday services every week at 10am in the modern and beautiful facilities of the Community Hub on Central Boulevard. We use several of their rooms on a Sunday morning - follow the flags and come in via the blue doors.

Anyone is welcome at our services. We’re currently made up of about 40 adults and 20 children. Our small size brings the blessing of feeling warm and intimate amongst a variety of people in different stages of life and from different backgrounds.

What’s a service like?

If you’re nervous about what church might be like – don’t worry, it’s hard to get it wrong.  You won’t be asked for your money, and you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. We sing, but you don’t have to; we pray from up the front, but you can just listen; and once a month we celebrate Jesus’ life and death with a small ceremony – but not everyone joins in. You don’t need to wear a suit and tie - we dress in everyday clothes and you can too.

We’re contemporary but intimate; casual but respectful; small, but excited about the future.

Our services are focused around the Bible, with a sermon (Bible talk), at the heart of it all. We love to read and learn from the Bible because it teaches us about Jesus. We also love to sing and worship. Our music team is small, but passionate – we’re excited about growing it, but are keen for the accompanying instruments to stay in a supporting role for the singing.


A number of us at The Hub have children, so we’re very used to having them around. We value kids and provide special opportunities for them while they’re young.

0-2 year olds

We have an area with toys and a play-pen space for kids 0-2 years old that is available throughout the service. It’s not a structured crèche, but you can bring your kids in and out as much as you want and still be able to see and participate in the service a few metres away.

3-8 year olds

During the school term we have a kids program for 3-8 year olds that runs during the Bible talk. They stay in for most of the service, but just before the Bible talk begins they move on to HUBkids which aims to teach the kids about God’s plan in Jesus at their own level.

Older kids

We encourage older kids to stay in with us through the service but acknowledge that the Bible talk can be more of a struggle for them to understand. We provide some simple activity sheets to help them understand and stay focussed through the service. This also helps parents to be able to ask their kids questions about what they learned.

Safety Policy

We believe we have a deep, God-given responsibility to protect, care for, and invest in our children. We use the ChildSafe program throughout the church and carefully implement our child safety policy. All children’s leaders and church leaders have undergone a vetting process including a Working With Children Check.